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Fall 1970. The Woodstock generation ends abruptly with Altamont. Hendrick and Joplin O.D. on drugs. The booming stock market crashes. Campus unrest and racial violence escalate. Vietnam rages on. Now it’s 1998. Almost 30 years after the eventful several months of early 1970 inalterably change the course of so many lives.

Buster successfully managed B & J Carnival for over a decade before joining up with an entertainment conglomerate based in Orlando. One of the general partners, Jim the accountant, brought him on board as Vice President of Studio Operations. He gained 60 pounds. Became very soft spoken. But he stays busier than ever. Coaches little league.

Wolf stayed on to help Buster run B & J for a while. Then he met up with a beautiful thorough-bred Collie, 6” taller than him, in Des Moines one summer. He fell in love, settled down and together they raised a litter of 4 odd looking, but lovely puppies. They were adopted by a rural family with 4 children with 40 acres and a huge porch to play on. And were well loved.

Mo found a comfortable home in the Carnival Business. He loved traveling, meeting people and seeing the country. It suited him. He labored side by side with Buster until he left. Thereafter, he obtained a small business loan and bought out the other partners. Thus creating the first black owned carnival in the U.S. He regularly did several dozen charity shows a year.

B & J Carnival (then Big Mo’s Amusements) closed for good in 1992, after over 73 years in business. Most of the rides were auctioned off and ended up in Mexico. A handful of art collectors and hobbyists purchased most of Lobo’s worn renderings which were felt to capture and depict most accurately and graphically the mood of the turbulent 60’s culture.

Sweetie and Brian bloom under the care and guidance of their adoptive parents. Brian pursues his interest and talent in Mathematics. He graduating in the top 3% of his class in college. He turned down several higher paid and prestigious jobs in industry to take a position in inner city St. Louis teaching excellerated Math. Sweetie double majored in Literature and History. She went on to law school (much to the secret delight of Judge Brainard) becoming an advocate for abused women and children. Ultimately, she established a foundation in Jackie’ name.

Butch is still dead. No one ever replaced the wooden grave stone. It eventually rotted and was trashed. It is rumored however, that the tree beside which Butch is buried has become a favorite spot for pigeons to shit and leave their droppings and a haunt for peeing dogs of all breeds.

Clyde and Enid bought a piece of property in Utah, about 90 miles out of Salt Lake city. Enid becomes an active member of O.A. HOW, a twelve step, self help program for overeaters and looses 185 pounds over the course of 5 years. She dies however of liver failure in 1982. She always remained proud of her tattoos and loved to tell stories about Carnival life.

Lobo was extradited to Texas both to stand trial for Butch’s murder and in violation of his parole. With Judge Brainard’s excellent legal assistance, the Texas Public Defender was able to get Lobo’s charge reduced to involuntary manslaughter. However, in the wake of his parole violation and lengthy, violent record he was sentenced to do 22 years hard time.

The political and penal context of the time in Texas was severe and intolerant due to wide spread civil unrest and disorder. Two years after his incarceration, there was a brutal prison riot that left 19 people killed and over 100 wounded. During which Lobo barely escaped with his life. He sustained a severe and permanent disability to both his right and left hands, thereby loosing his gift and ability to create artistically.

While in prison, Lobo helped establish a library and became a peer counselor to drug and alcohol abusers. He regularly attended weekly A.A. meetings and a Bible study that he co-led. He and Lindsay corresponded religiously throughout the years. Lindsay visited from time to time, as he was able. After three appeals, Lobo was finally released after serving 11 years, five months, 13 days.

Lindsay worked with Fred and Erma in the Waco Teen Challenge center for several years. He earned a G.E.D. when he was 17 and attended a local junior college. There he discovered a latent desire for learning and appreciation for education. At first it was a challenge simply to catch up with the rest. His first six weeks of school, he returned home with a head ache every night from mental strain.

He eventually finished a M.A. in Psychology and became a licensed therapist. He had an almost insatiable desire to learn and give to others. He sincerely wanted to dedicate his life to helping others. He became the founder and director of the Dallas Youth Outreach Center (DYOC), with 7 centers throughout the twin city area. Thousands of troubled teens found a refuge and help within their walls.

However Lindsay’s personal life was not as successful. Three divorces over 20 years, scores of affairs or ill conceived romances, a serious substance abuse problem, financial mismanagement as well as accusations of misappropriation of funds and outright fraud… These inconsistencies handicapped and dogged his well intentioned efforts to help teens and runaways.

Lindsay lost the most of the organization he built. He was able to hang on to the main, down-town center. He submitted himself to a 30 day drug and alcohol treatment facility, including a 6 month aftercare program. At last word, he had been clean and sober over seven years. After his release from prison in 1982, Lobo joined Lindsay in his work with Dallas teens.

Agnes recovered quickly from her tragic loss by taking a 20 year old lover and personal trainer. She rented a tiny bungalow in Beverly Hills. Armed with her personal charm, looks, an acute survival instinct and well over a hundred thousand dollars in cash, she was able to establish herself quickly in the fast moving, glamorous world of Hollywood. In was similar to life in the Carnival, but on a grander scale.

Eventually. Agnes married a successful film producer and studio executive and lived happily in Bel Air for many years. Whereupon a scandalous divorce left her a grieving 30 year old divorcee worth over $20 million. Currently, she lives happily detached in an isolated estate in the Hollywood Hills. She has a shit load of jewelry, furs and a couple of poodles to boot. Her preferred past time is to prey upon the young valets at the country club. Pinching their tight, little butts as she swishes past. Cosmetic surgery, health retreats and a team of attendant keep her looking younger than God intended.

On of the byproducts or inheritances of the divorce settlement was a little four stage film studio just off Santa Monica Boulevard. There she is able to dress-up and play royal heiress to the Hollywood scene. Descending upon the lot with her regal attendants in tow to look in on whatever motion picture or television show that happen to be being shot that day.

She loves to visit the bustling set. It reminds her of younger days gone by at the Carnival with Butch and Lindsay. Yes, in fact it was very much like this at the Carnival. Busy dons creating facades to help people escape the painful monotony of their miserable lives. Voices on set yell, “Quiet on the set, camera is rolling! The Grand Charade, take 12.” The sound bell blasts in the background. A final demand for absolute silence and submission.

The young stage manager reminds her of Buster, barking orders at everyone and bullying them around. She smiles as she remembers her final kiss. God, he was shocked! Probably still lusts for her to this day. She comforts herself as she ages with memories of past romantic escapades and planned encounters. Her two little poodles look up at her with absolute loyally and devotion. How she loves her life in the Carnival.

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