Scene 24

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Agnes and Butch are enjoying a private party, a particularly wild one. Butch hoists her up, onto the kitchen sink counter and humps her like a crazy man. He’s way drunk and not presenting an exceptionally graceful or stylish performance. Agnes is moaning and groaning loudly, “OOOhhh, Ahhh… Yeees. Ohhh. Yessss…” Plates, cups, bottles, and such are falling off the counters, crashing onto the floor as they sprawl and clutch one another. The vulgar thumping and knocking of their clamorous fucking resounds throughout the little trailer. The suspend their frolic briefly to catch their breath and take another hit of their drinks. They laugh fervently as they spill the whiskey onto their naked bodies and resume serious fucking.

Lindsay tries desperately to ignore or block out the obnoxious sound. But he can’t. It bothers, disgusts and angers him. He hides his head under his pillows and turns up the radio. To no avail. It sounds like they’re banging right into his bedroom wall. What begins as repulsion becomes curiosity. They’ve never made this much noise. He wonders if his Mom is O.K. His mind and emotions are conflicted as he steals down out of his room and down the narrow hall. He looks on as they continue their fuck fest. He is shocked and intrigued by their contortions. They appear so angry and desperate as they grapple together for supremacy of pleasure. He is mesmerized… appalled. Inescapably attracted.

The curtain is half opened… about 18” of the 36” width. Although it is dark in the hall, He can be plainly seen. Agnes is too drunk to care or notice. At first, Butch observes him with casual disinterest. Then as Lindsay stands there motionless, staring… Butch begins to perform for his benefit. Butch draws sadistic pleasure from fucking his mother in front of him. She claws at him voraciously hungrily thrusting her pelvis into him. He is king. She is his slave.

He pulls himself off of her and forces her down unto her knees. Butch wants to debase his mother in front of him. To shame her. To shame him. His mother sucks wildly on his huge extended cock. Her eyes are closed, lost in lust. Butch smiles at Lindsay and takes a long drink as Agnes continues to gorge herself on his swollen member. Satiated, he draws Agnes back up and fucks her from behind. She’s laying across the kitchen table. He’s manipulating her pussy while he slams his cock violently into her again and again. Lindsay is within several feet of his mother watching intently as her body shakes and spasms. As she screams uncontrollably in the throws of climax and contraction, Butch and Lindsay stare at one another. A perverse, devilish connection is being created.  Butch shoots his wad shortly afterward. Clenching his teeth and groaning deeply. He squeezes her ass to expel and deposit the final drops of semen within her. Agnes falls to the couch and passes out… naked and spread eagle. Her swollen pussy gaping open. He flushed breasts still heaving from exhaustion.

Butch reclines on the other end of the couch. His large, wet, limb penis resting against his thigh. He lays back and relaxes, basking in the afterglow a few moments. He lifts his head and stares back at Lindsay. Lindsay flinches, drawing back a pace of two and leaning against the wall. Butch acts like he’s playing a child’s game. He smiles and motions for Lindsay to come over. Lindsay freezes. Butch rolls his head back and stares at the ceiling in a drunken haze. He reaches for a bottle and guzzles it. Then shakes a cigarette from the pack and clumsily lights in up. Takes a meditative drag and speaks. His voice breaks the silence and hypnotic trance with a sudden jolt. Lindsay is startled. He withdrawals a couple of steps but is still within sight.

Butch summons him, “Kid”…” He grows more insistent, “O.K. Kid, I said come here.” Butch pats the seat next to him. Lindsay hesitates but obeys. Butch hands him the bottle. “Here kid, have some. Go ahead!” Lindsay cluthces the bottle with both hands and takes a long drink. He gags. Butch laughs. “Go ahead, you’ll get used to it.” Lindsay takes another. He looks over at his mother, he naked, spent body inches from him. She is still very passed out and fully exposed. His eyes linger over her supple flesh. He suddenly feels embarrassed and guilty.

He moves to rise but Butch prevents him. “You’ve had a rough few days. But things are going to get better.” Butch raises his arm in a friendly gesture that is to signal Lindsay to come underneath. “Come here, it’s O.K… Come here.” Butch puts his arm around Lindsays’ shoulders. Lindsay tries to pull back but Butch draws him close… and in to his hairy chest. With his free hand he takes the bottle from Lindsay and takes a swig. Lindsay stares at Butchs’ chest with mix of wonder and fear. His warmth feels soothing and terrifying at the same time. He looks back at his mother. Butch comments, “Your mom is a hell of a fuck. She’s a regular animal.”

Lindsay feels like he’s adrift within his own body. Like it wasn’t his anymore. Like it was light. He could float around the room if he really tried. Like he could launch himself sail or glide. He knew he could fly. Could move objects with his mind. He forgot what Butch was saying. His mother moves in her sleep throwing her leg on top of him. He was between them, on the couch. They were both naked and sweaty and warm. Butch also was naked. Lindsay notices that Butch fondled himself unconsciously while he spoke. “With Lobo gone, things are going to get lots better.” Lindsay registered ‘Lobo’ and drew back. Lindsay felt hurt by the remembrance of painful memories. “We can be a family again. The three of us, like before. You remember? All of us together. You were happy then.” Butch draws Lindsay back in contact with his naked chest. Lindsay’s head was only several inches from Butch’s cock. His thick red pubic hair winding up his abdomen onto the carpet of his chest. His cock was starting to stir with new life as he spoke. “Remember the games you and Jackie would play together with us? Hide the monkey. Doctor and Nurse. You really liked that. Remember?” Butch shifts his body to face him squarely and hugs Lindsay affectionately. Strokes his hair. Butch takes an extended drink as he pushes Lindsay down his chest to the cup of his stomach and thigh. “You were really special. Things are going to bet better, like they used to be. Yea, just like they used to be…” Butch repeats himself dreamily as he sinks further into in a drunken stupor.

Butch cock becomes swollen and erect. With one hand he vigorously massages and fondles himself and with the other he pets and strokes Lindsay. Butch closes his eyes and groans deeply. Butch brushes up against Lindsays’ face as he continues to masturbate himself. Butch is becoming lusty. “You’re mother gives great head. Did you see how see put my cock all the way down her mouth and was licking me?” He looks down at Lindsay laying next to his cock. “I saw you… you wanted some of that didn’t you? You wanted a taste?” Butch pushes Lindsay’s face against his huge hard cock. When Lindsay resists, Butch becomes more forceful. He struggles under Butchs’ superior strength, but eventually yields. Butch maneuvers his thick cock underneath Lindsay’s face and into his mouth. The helmet of Butchs’ weapon is more than enough to fill Lindsay’s gaping mouth. Butch guides Lindsay’s head up and down on the end of his penis. Lindsay’s jaw aches with the strain and Butchs aggressive tactics force him to gag frequently.

The trio lay on the alcohol soaked couch. The only light emitted from the flickering black and white television set. Lindsay’s head bobbing up and down on Butchs’ cock. The guilty rhythm intensifying and incresing tempo; up and down, up and down… Phlegm and spit lubricating Butchs’ heavy hammer and spilling from Lindsay’s mouth. Butch mutters between his teeth, “Good head seems to run in your family… you and your mother both have special talents…” Butch closes his eyes and groans… His cock aching for release.


Jackie is outside petting Wolf. “These men are Fucks! They think they’ve got us. Defeated us for good.” Wolf looks up at her with sorrowful eyes. Jackie continues, “But we’re not going to let them get the best of us, are we?” Wolf groans and puts his head down. Jackie stands up and sighs, “Yea, well O.K… I’m going to tell Butch that we’re not going to put up with this shit anymore, He’ll listen… or else! This time I swear, I’m going to stand up to him.” Wolf groans. Jackie chuckles. She swaggers and mimics the Marlon Brando in God Father, “I’ll make him an offer, he can’t refuse.” Wolf takes an odd, curious look at her and whimpers. Jackie marches over to Butch and Agnes trailer. Wolf starts barking regularly, warning her. Jackie shouts a whisper, “Shhhh!” She tip toes up the steps and peaks through the slats in the window on the door. She almost knocks, but decides to check things out first.

Jackie peers in and sees the degrading scene between Lindsay and Butch. With Agnes sprawled out beside. She is so shocked by what she sees that she stumbles backward and trips down the stirs… knocking over stuff, . falling in a heap at the bottom. Butch catches glimpse of Jackie’s face in window just before she topples over and falls. “What the fuck!?” He jumps up, tossing Lindsay aside and bolts outside. Agnes starts to wake up from the commotion, droll dripping down her mouth, moistening her lips. Lindsay is terrified and embarrassed by the intrusion and the possibility of his mom waking up so he guiltily scurries for his bedroom.

Jackie laying on ground, rubbing her legs in pain. Butch demands, “What the fuck are you doing here?!” He is standing at door stark naked. Jackie stares. Butch teases meanly, “You come to play?” Jackie retorts in bitter sarcasm, “Yea, right… You never want to play, since you got that new whore and her kid.” Butch laughs, “You jealous? Cause you remember the games you, me and your mom used to play?” Jackie protests, “You bastard. You leave my mother out of this!” Butch prods, “She was a good fuck too. Not as good as Agnes.” As if on cue Agnes passes back out into oblivion. Jackie sees her through the open trailer door. She spits back at Butch, “Fuck you, you’re just a perverted bastard.”

A gleam of evil cruelty sparkles in Butchs’ eyes as he accuses, “You’re crazy Jackie, just like your mom.” Jackie snaps, “Shut up!” Butch persists, “You’re bad as her, too. That’s why the crazy bitch blew her brains out.” Jackie demands while she yells, “I said shut up! Shut up!” Wolf barks savagely. Butch torments, “It was your fault you know. You couldn’t leave it alone. Couldn’t get enough of it. Your mother saw you doing me and couldn’t handle it.” Jackie shakes her head it denial. Trying to shut Butch’s voice out of her psyche. But Butch is relentless, “Your just like her. Don’t you think I know how you do all the guys after the show. You’re a little slut like your mom.” Jackie leaps to her feet and tries to attack him. Butch easily subdues her. Holds her arms at a safe distance and spews in her face, “Like mother, like daughter… or should I say son.”

Jackie pulls an arm free and swings randomly at Butch’s face, wanting, trying frantically to hurt him. He drags her into the trailer and slams the door. “You just can’t get enough of it… like your mom…” Butch bends down and yells in her face. The veins bulging in his neck as he attacks her viciously, “Just like your whore bitch of a mother. She was always cheating on me, fucking every tramp that came by.” Butch’s hatred for Jackie and her dead mother is blatant. Jackie backs up against the door in a vain effort to get away from him, Butch stalks her, “Your just like her aren’t you. You little queer, slut.”

Jackie breaks down. She can’t defend herself any longer. She starts crying pitifully like an infant. She can’t stop the tears, no matter how much she tries. She knows she’s making a fool of herself. He’s totally humiliating her. But she is powerless. He picks her up easily and throws her out into the kitchen. He stands over cringing fearful body… naked, powerful, impenetrable. He smells blood and descends for the kill, “You queer slut. Your mother was a whore and a loony bird and now you’ve ended up just like her… a fucking crazy slut.” Jackie is broken, completely demoralized. She melts into the floor beneath him. All she wants to do now is to go away… to die. Hell is Butch. Death would be heaven in comparison.

Butch knows he crushed her. Now he wants to possess her. He brutally tears the shirt off her body. She tries to cling to pieces of it as it comes apart. “You’re proud of those pretend tits you got.” Butch descends upon her like an evil bird of prey. Jackie squirms and fights as Butch’s wieght stifles her very breath. Jackie goes limp like a lifeless rag, death in her eyes. Butch is very horny, turned on by the power. He never got to complete things with Lindsay. Butch grins and whispers into the side of her squished face. “You were always jealous of your mom weren’t you? You wanted to be like her. You wanted men to like you, in the same way they liked her… You wanted me too… You wanted me to want you.” Butch’s hand grabs her tits roughly and grips them tightly until they hurt.

She tries to scream but Butch’s heavy strong hand covers her mouth and muffles any sound. “Is that why you came here tonight? Do you miss me? Miss my hard cock in your mouth?” Jackie bites down hard on Butch’s thick hand but the alcohol has numbed his feeling of pain. He badgers and taunts her endlessly, “In your ass? Does the thought of it still make your little dick hard, like it used to?” Butch squeezes her pants. She attempts to squirm once again, to free herself from his grasp but simply cannot. Butch sports a devilish grin, “Yes, I think I feel it growing. Wooo.” Butch moves his body into position so that his growing cock is dangling in front of her face. One knee pinning her body down. One hand smothering her mouth. The other knee locking her arm down. He temporarily lets go of one of her arms to grab his cock and shove it at her mouth. “You want some of this, Bitch?” Jackie uses the opportunity. She swings forcefully at Butchs’ face. She misses the intended target but accidentally connects with her elbow to his balls. Even through the haze of intoxication he registers severe pain in his groin and doubles up in pain. Jackie scampers for the door. Butch crawls after her. Most of Jackies’ shirt has been ripped off her back. She fumbles for the knob, opens the door and falls out onto the steps. Butch is still writhing in agony while attempting to pursue. She escapes.

Butch hurriedly puts on a pair of boxer shorts. He yells after her as he stumbles down the stairs and pronounces, “Yea go, you little queer whore. You’ll die just like your mother.” Jackie shrieks back at him as she backs away -making sure to keep her distance- “Shut up, I said shut up!” Her voice trails off. Almost as if she were begging him, pleading with him to take his evil, prophetic cursing back. Wolf barks passionately without stopping. Butch crosses his path as he follows Jackie into the darkness. Wolf growls and lunges at Butch. Barking, snapping and growling in one angry rush. Butch’s attention is necessarily turned to the savage animal attacking him. “Shut up dog, I said shut up!” Wolf will not relent, hounding Butch at every turn. He refuses to let him by. He lunges again at Butch’s naked leg. This time drawing blood.

Butch in enraged. He grabs a nearby shovel and brings the power of a full overhead swing down on Wolf’s furry body. He let out a deafening yelp and staggered away. Butch then kicked the dog several times as Wolf, stunned from the unexpected blow to the spine, tries to feebly limp away.

Butch lands several more severe blows to Wolfs frame. Wolfs protests and squeals grow fainter until he lay in a pool of dirty blood motionless and speechless. Butch cusses and kicks Wolf one final time. He looks down at the lifeless dog. Butch staggers back into the trailer muttering, “Damn dog, serves you right.” Nevertheless, he gives a nervous glance around to make sure no one was watching. The door closes tight.


Buster has been witnessing the disturbing spectacle from the shadows behind his trailer.  He was roused when he heard the yelling and barking. He arrived on the scene in time to see Jackie fleeing from Butch’s trailer. Butch in pursuit, calling her names. He looked on horrified as Butch beat poor Wolf to death. Kicking him again and again. He felt sorry for the dog. Guilty that he hadn’t had the courage to do something. But he chose to stay in the shadows. Safe from scrutiny or criticism. Lobo was right he was a coward, hiding behind Butch.

Buster nervously crept over to the furry corpse. He instinctively flinched, grimaces in vicarious pain as he stooped down to get a closer look at Wolf. “Stupid dog, I knew you’d get yourself into this kind of trouble some day… Lots of times I wish I could have killed you myself. You were always pestering me… barking and causing trouble. Now see what you did.” Buster looks around wondering what to do next. He starts to cry. A solitary tear streaks down his moonlit face. The first tear in memory.

Scanning the area to ensure there would be no witnesses, he lifts up Wolf and cradles him gently in his arms. Buster quietly withdraws once again into the shadows. He carries Wolf over to Clyde and Enid’s trailer. They’ve always been good with animals. A light tapping on the bedroom window soon rouses the inhabitants. Light spills out onto the bloody pair as Enid cracks open the door. She gasps. Shocked and moved by the sight. Buster solemnly hands her the listless carcass. She is speechless. He searches her eyes for words t tell her but find none. He turns and walks back into he night. He hears the sound of her door click shut behind him.


Jackie hysterically runs from the midway out onto the nearby highway… into the headlights of an oncoming big rig who instantly lays on the horn as he slams on the brakes…


The distant, piercing train whistle cuts through the early morning fog signaling Lobo that his moment of decision is swiftly approaching. The steady headlight of the engine illuminates the tracks and mountain side.

Mo is alerted as well and eagerly rises to bid his friend a final farewell.

The Hobo’s enjoy their trouble free slumber and respite from agonies that drive their restless souls toward oblivion.

Flashing lights stab into the thick wooded underbrush as several officers close in on the small encampment. The long pursuit for their evil fugitive will soon come to an end. Justice will be swiftly and effectively served.

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